Half way there - EP (2011)

by Hadar Shechter

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released January 2, 2011

Written and composed by-Hadar Shechter
Produced by-Amit Shtriker
Engineered by Amit shtriker and Aran Lavi
More credits inside the album!

Picture by:Tami Weiss


all rights reserved



Hadar Shechter Israel

Hadar Shechter, a versatile and unique vocalist, is releasing her second EP.
Shechter grew up listening to the great R&B and hip hop artists, and also to the great folk musicians, which echoes in her music and her vocal performance, depends on her mood at the time of the recording. The album comes out May 7th, with much anticipation. ... more

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Track Name: Perspective
People say the strangest things
Most of the time I don't listen
I watch them as they fall from grace
And you are no different
You'd rather shut up than claim your positions
Why do you torment all them girls

And even though you're acting funny
Shut your eyes and ears from the world
How can you look at places we've been through
And say we needed more

Strangely I sympathize with your situation
But I've spoken too much
And I've seen what became of us after the demolition
Of your stupid pride
Ego and passion are usually best friends
With you they've created an alliance
You will always be the martyr

Now I'm banned from being partner
In the universal game
And all because I played like a guy
And called it for its name
You know I shouldn't take the blame
You know it's always your shame
Its always you shame

So put it in perspective

Now I'm fed up with your drama
It's all a fake and don't lie
You know I've been told about your kind
And the next time I see you
I'll no longer stop just to feel you
The mercy petting's are done

And even though you're acting funny
Shut your eyes and ears from the world
How can you look back at places we've been through
And say we needed more

So put it in perspective
Where would we be without perspective
Track Name: king of fools
Wrapped in a bow
The winter drops by
Silence breaks couples when January comes
Leaves you lurking in the night light
Fingers that used to lie
Leave a mouth to dry
Leave the city dying
And your women crying

If you see the light of day
You won't recognize the sun
Aha aha
and Catching magic in a box
Won't make you live like one of us
Oh you king of fools

Your window's always left unshut
As if the wind can bring you everything you've lost
It's too late to think about it
Does your guitar still play
Remember purple haze
I'm pretty sure you do
In fact you smoked that too

If you see…

People have lost their minds
they Left their lives behind
The place on which you're standing, it isn't elevating
Track Name: Not perfect
Freedom treats you
Freedom treats you well
Drinking all night
Sleeping all day
Even though your fantasies are gone
Even though the love was here before

Life had taught you to survive too well
No one's in then no one's out
It's all swell
I remember you opened my eyes
Now it's my turn to make you realize

You're not perfect
You're no perfect

Things around you don't survive to tell
Your cat's ran away you had it just for one day
Your flowers die your plants are thirsty
So do parts of your soul
Can't you remind your self
The way you were before?

Freedom treats you freedom treats you well
And life had taught you to survive it’s all swell
Though things around you don't stick around to tell
As long as freedom treats you well
Track Name: Carried on
Your intentions were always quite crossed
I knew exactly what you wanted
And now it's clear
That the love I got was soon to disappear
My love was blemished by your egoistic ways
Of keeping me near
And it's no shame to admit that you are my fear

But I carried on
Even when love was crying out not to let you stay
Carried on
As my love was screaming at you go away

I know that the things I gave up will eventually take their toll
And I saw you take the reins out of my need for control
I came across as supernatural
How silly that was
And now I'm robbed from my powers
Caught in your fire
And all because

I carried on
Even when love was crying out
Not to let you stay
Carried on as my love was screaming at you go away
I loved what we had when we were together
Doing whatever
Lovers do when they're in love
But I know you can't take it
So I'll let you have it
For a while

I carried on…
Track Name: Fell for me(What's pretty for you?)
I'm too skinny I know
They think I don't eat
Got so much left to show
It's not deception or deceit
Not filled in right places
But got my charm and all
And when it gets down to basics
Lucky I've got you to fall

Fall for me
Fall for me

We all have our demons
Mine's out of your sight
Won't let you all see'm
With that look in your eyes
Doubtfully beautiful
in the eyes of the beholder
Wish the beholder was me
I'd set all my demons free

And still you fell for me
Fell for me

Your looks are misleading
Fool me once and again
You touch my hand and I'm believing
What we are in meant to be
You find a friend
Or a woman or a man by your side
Until it gets to the point when
There is nothing left to hide

That's when you fell for me
Fell for me
Track Name: Jealous
She's having a baby on the second floor
And you're in the living room waiting
Waiting anticipating
She's crying now but it won't be long
And you wonder when your train will come to take you along

And you're jealous
Jealous than you've ever been before
You can't help it
You've seen so much it hurts
If I could I would
Help you save your self
But this battle is you own

He bought her a ring
Just a year since you've been gone
And you say he doesn't love her
It's just for show
And he cares for her like you know he cared for you
But your ship it never did take no prisoners

And you're jealous…

They won't let you be
The happy girl you were meant to be
Always proving you on everything you've done wrong
Where's that friend in need when you need it?

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